The Conference is a “GO”

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September 24th-26th is a window you want to reserve for travel to Sedona, Arizona for inclusion in the HEALTH WELLNESS and TECHNOLOGY Conference at AREA 1 on Sedona Airport Mesa.

Friday, we expect to have the opening ceremony and experts in herbal and neighborhood foods for health and disease prevention and “attendance.” Friday night, we’re going to party. We should do that while we’re fresh, right?

Saturday, we’ll have a full day of experts and practitioners in utilizing energies that aren’t taught in medical school. They aren’t even taught in Shao-Lin temples. We’re talking electro-static Rife protocols and med-bed technologies.

Sunday morning will begin with Services at 10am and then we’ll break for brunch. The afternoon will include a panel of experts where the panelists grill each other, and the audience asks questions of the panelists.

More details will be posted as the conference develops. Stay tuned.

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