the Future of Health Technology

In 2020…

A funny thing happened as I settled into the 21st century. It seems the “experts” and “officials” suddenly forgot everything we’ve learned over the last 100 years regarding frequency, herbs, and health, and have landed on another timeline where everywhere you turn, a “new” germ is about to kill you. Let’s get back to reality. From there, let’s learn how to keep ourselves healthy, and help others get back in balance with the amazing design that they are an implementation of.

Frequency-based healing machine interface
Royal Rife 1958

One can be sickly at age 7, or a beacon of health at age 80. One can eat nothing but high fat foods and live to a very old age, and others on health-food and gym lifestyles can die of a heart attack at 30. What are the how’s and why’s of that? Royal Rife found a frequency to stop every pathogen known to man in 1958. Why have we not progressed from there in our “healthcare system”?

Welcome to Health, Wellness, and Technology… the Conference!